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Invisible Shoes – Connect & Contact

Firstly, I am in NO WAY affiliated with Invisible Shoes and this won’t be a review.  I don’t have  a pair of these, however, for the first time… I may actually buy a pair of huarache sandals.  Invisible Shoes may have NAILED it with the FeelTrue design.  The price is low enough, I suppose.  Keep in mind, they are not a HUGE shoe company with endless capital.  Steve is an entrepreneur and will likely be very successful with this idea of his.



These days, most good ideas are extensions of other good ideas.  In this case, we have a modern spin on a centuries old sandal design.  A molded rubber outsole with a tread pattern for traction, raised ankle holes to prevent premature lace wear, and a contoured shape to help prevent the “flopping” that can occur with flat, rubber, home-made huarache builds.  I like the way these look.  I predict COLOR options in the future.

Bare-footing parents out there… Steve is offering kids sizes.  This means that you can get your kids into some Huaraches style sandals thus preventing their feet from becoming a mangled mess (like the feet you may see every time you look down)  Your feet are shaped like wing-tips or pumps aren’t they?  :D

Remember the Silly Band craze?  How could you forget… it only just seemed to have ended.   I can see elementary age girls LOVING these sandals.  Lace them up with some beads and pendants and WOW… they will all be sporting them in no time.  Huaraches all around!!!  Good Job, Steve.

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