My name is Steve.  Something about me makes we want to try new things.  Things that are new to me.  I have been a runner since 1992.  My military service didn’t give me much choice.  Running was and is a part of my daily life.  Everyone ran as a kid… so I don’t count that.

My wife gets the credit for getting me into barefoot running.  She is not a runner (yet… <sinister laugh>)  She was reading an article one day about runners going barefoot and showed it to me.  The was it.  My interest was sparked.  A few Google searches later and I was off and running… barefoot.

That was over one year ago.  I don’t consider myself and expert runner.  I don’t even think my “form” is that great.  I am just doing what feels natural.  If your always trying to tweak your form, I think it takes away from the real fun of running… just getting out there and enjoying yourself.

Enough about me.

  1. Phil Hart
    April 19, 2011 at 7:29 am


    I’d love to meet up and run with you once I get to Holly Springs in June/July. I sent an email to some other address for you (gmail, I think) that I may not have gotten correct, so here’s a first contact. I’m consulting for the Army now (I also served from 1988-1996, which, like you, started my running career).


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